About Us

My name is Yvette Smith and I created Amazing Hair 360º hair care moisturizing products. I am a licensed hair stylist with over 35 years of experience. At one point and time in my career, I was licensed in two states - my home state of Mississippi and Texas.

My mission has always been to teach and walk my clients and customers through the process of taking care of their own hair, i.e., what products to use, how to use them, how often and how long to use, etc. However, I noticed that despite my best intentions, some would still come in with dry and damaged hair. Using my experience, knowledge of the profession and the various types of natural products that would alleviate this situation, I created a formula of oils that I knew would grow their hair and change its present condition. I started using my creation on my clients whose hair was severely damaged.

The results were, for lack of a better word, AMAZING! I received so many calls as to how AMAZING the results were; how AMAZING their hair felt and was easy to manage; how AMAZING their hair looked; and how AMAZING the compliments they received were. As a result, the name kind of stuck. I added 360º because the oil provides your hair with a complete turnaround. New clients and customers would come back to my salon with much longer, stronger and thicker hair. My customers that used relaxers would have twice as much "new-growth". In laymen's terms, new growth is the new hair that starts at the root and meets the previously relaxed hair.

In the nine years since its creation, the Amazing Hair 360º hair care products have played a major role in the transformation and revitalization of my customers' hair that was previously in less than healthy conditions.

Hair that had been over processed by chemicals; damaged by the overuse and incorrect application of weaves; hair that had been seriously burned by flat ironing; and hair suffering from over all poor hair care regimens or a total lack thereof, has found new life since using this product.

Those who have used the Amazing Hair 360º hair care products find their hair more vibrant, more voluminous, longer, thicker and stronger. Some have touted the product as the "Fountain of Youth for Hair". It literally repairs, restores and protects from damage, dullness, dryness as well as the frizzes. It can be used for the chemically processed hair to the all-natural hair. Currently, there are three different hair oil moisturizers - the original oil moisturizer, dandruff and itchy scalp, and a wave system for men and women with low haircuts and dreads.

Amazing Hair 360º is an oil moisturizer that helps hair to grow and works excellent as a hair moisturizer. It repairs, protects and takes care all of your hair needs. It works well on all types of hair - Natural, Relaxed, Braids and Dreads. I have three products.

Formula #1 is an oil moisturizer that keeps hair moisturized silky and shiny; also grows and repairs the hair.

Formula #2 is a dandruff and itchy scalp treatment that does wonders for alleviating excessive itching and scratching. Treat the scalp for at least 4 to 6 weeks, which will result in no more dandruff. There are great testimonies to prove that it works.

Formula #3 is for men or women with short hair that are trying to achieve waves; it works excellent with moisturizing and maintaining any wave pattern.

Product info

Amazing hair 360º is an oil moisturizer and it helps your hair to grow and works excellent for moisturizing your hair. It repairs your hair it protects your hair and over all it takes care of all of your hair needs. It works well on all types of hair Natural, Relaxed hair Braids and Dread. I have three products at the present moment.

#1 Formula is an Oil Moisturizer that keeps your hair moisturized silky and shiny and also grows and repairs your hair.

#2 Formula is for Dandruff and Itchy Scalp Treatment it does wonders for stopping excessive itching and scratching. If you treat your scale 4 to 6 weeks treatment no more Dandruff great testimonies to prove that it works.

#3 Formula for Men or short hair that's trying to achieve waves and it works excellent on moisturizing and helping to maintain your way pattern.