Hair Products

The Recipe for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Look and feel your very best with a healthy head of hair cared for with products from Amazing Hair 360°. Our moisturizers and dandruff treatments not only protect your hair, but promote hair growth. Based in Jackson, Mississippi, we ship worldwide.

A.H. 360º Oil Moisturizer

6 ounce jar for $19.95

This is Formula #1, which is an oil moisturizer that keeps hair moisturized silky and shiny, while helping it to grow. It repairs and protects damaged hair and takes care all of your hair care needs. It works excellent on all types of hair - Natural, Relaxed, Color Treated, Braids and Dread.

Amazing Hair 360º Waves

6 ounce jar $19.95

Formula #3 is for men or women with short hair trying to achieve waves. It works excellent for moisturizing and helping to maintain any wave pattern. Men and women that have used this product love it. It also works well for dreads.

A.H. 360º Dandruff & Itchy Scalp Treatment

6 ounce jar for $19.95

This is Formula #2, a dandruff and itchy scalp treatment. It does wonders for stopping excessive itching and scratching, which is sometimes the result of a dry scalp. This formula will also moisturize and keep the hair growing, healthy, shiny and silky. For the best results, it recommended that the treatment is applied at 4 to 6 weeks to alleviate the itchy scalp.

Amazing Hair 360º 2 in 1

8 ounce jar $29.95

The Combination is the best of both worlds – half oil moisturizer and half dandruff and itchy scalp treatment all in one jar. Some customers love the results both products have to offer and wanted a more convenient and practical alternative.